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“Take an action, no matter how small and take it often.”

Patricia Walden

Everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves first. But it can be hard to know how to do that and where to start. It’s my privilege to share my knowledge of meditation and yoga with you so that you can begin or enhance your own journey of self-discovery in an enjoyable way.

Cairngorm Yoga offers you a personalised prescription to enhance your wellbeing through the regular practice of yoga and meditation. I offer a free consultation session followed by a programme of one to one live meditation and/or yoga classes, recorded classes and audio meditations to suit your unique mind type and approach. I also provide a meditation check in service for all meditators regardless of style, free of charge.


My name is Harriet Moll

I have been practicing yoga since 2000. I remember clearly feeling restless and lethargic and endlessly seeking something to settle my brain and stretch me at the same time.

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Magical thinking

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