Going inside

Not every meditation is the same. In fact from day to day, week to week, the experience changes radically. As complete beginners, the initial innocence and totality of the experience passes all too soon and we find ourselves back at the bottom of a thought filled hill slowly exercising our way to the peace we found so easily in those early days but the act of meditation is really just that: the mind wanders, and we remember and make that conscious effort of bringing it back to the point of attention. Initially doing these reps can feel as strenuous as any bicep curl but in a short amount of time we build mental stability, resilience in the face of distraction, expanding awareness and a variety of other rather wonderful gifts that spill over into our time off the mat. The funny part is that the good things happen without us needing to try, analyse or change anything about the experience. Trying and wanting are the twin enemies of meditation. In fact, the more we relax and let go and just trust the techniques that have come to us from thousands of years of practice, the deeper our experience becomes. Let it be simple, let it be easy.

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