- Harriet Moll

“What we’re trying to do is uncover everything which is getting in the way of us recognizing that we are wholly complete already.”


Meditation is the practice of sitting down with ourselves. Whether or not you have experience in meditation you might have heard that it has many scientifically proven benefits - better sleep, better impulse control, better relationships and so on. But there are also many myths about meditation and it can feel, I know it did to me, that meditation is for other people, it sounds hard. My teaching is focussed on making it easy and pleasurable for my pupils, right from the get go. I teach four different styles of meditation as taught to me by Charlie Knoles.

  • Present moment awareness meditation
  • Calm focus meditation
  • Energised body and mind meditation
  • Transcendence meditation

I invite you to book a lesson with me to explore which technique appeals to you the most and try it out. I then meet with you as regularly as you like to meditate together, deepen your understanding of the technique or techniques and check in with you to support your growing practice.

The first lesson is always free.